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Yoga doesn’t have to be serious.

I always tell my students this. We’re here to have fun and feel good - let’s not take everything so seriously!

In my classes you’ll feel more and think less, all while getting a great workout. We won’t spend time analyzing the minutiae of each pose; instead, we’ll move through creative, flowing sequences that get you out of your head and into your body. We’ll work on building strength & stable mobility, and a deeper connection with your body & mind so you leave feeling empowered.

I specialize in athletic vinyasa yoga for both beginner and more advanced yogis. I’m especially interested in working with individuals looking to build body awareness and strength, as well as athletes hoping to practice mobility and mindfulness.

I’m passionate about music and it is an important element of my classes. Whether it’s upbeat hip hop in my power yoga classes or flowing electronic in my vinyasa classes, I craft playlists with the intention of inspiring students to move, breathe, and feel good.

I earned my 200-hr RYT certification at South Boston Yoga in 2016.

South Boston Yoga

Hot Power Yoga, 7:30-8:45pm

Hot Power Yoga, 10-11:15am

VIM Fitness

I sub periodically; check the schedule and follow my Instagram for updates!

YogaWorks Back Bay

I sub periodically; check the schedule and follow my Instagram for updates!

Need a yoga teacher? I am available!

  • Public Classes

I’m available to teach vinyasa yoga at studios or fitness centers in the Boston area.

  • Private Instruction

I’m happy to work one-on-one or in small groups with students looking for more personalized instruction.


I’ll teach a vinyasa yoga class at your workplace to give you and your colleagues a break from your desks.

  • Special Events

I’m available to teach at corporate, public, or private events and can modify my teaching to suit any audience.

  • Charity & FunDRAISERS

I would love to donate my time and teach a free or donation-based class to support your charitable cause.


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